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Here at Optimus we offer manufacturing companies worldwide an insight into over 25 years of manufacturing boats, yachts, superyachts and megayachts from 27ft to 210ft, and ships from 82M to 65,000T. Optimus have built in Steel, Aluminium, Composites and Carbon. As a C Suite Executive I never lost sight of my roots as a shop floor, hands on boat builder and I will always be a passionate hands on boat builder, involved in every aspect of bringing new, exciting and innovative products to market, or simply maximising the efficiencies and reducing waste on existing products within your business. At Optimus we optimise the way you do business in a way to maximise efficiency, not just in production but in every aspect of a profitable business model. Let us mentor you into rethinking how to approach your existing and new products.  
Optimus Marine  -  Don't change ..... TRANSFORM.  

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