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The team at Optimus have been involved in building yachts from 23ft to 84 Metres for over 30 years, in all build mediums from steel to carbon fibre, from small family day sports fisher boats to an 84M Ice Class Explorer Superyacht.  It is Optimus's core experience and passion. Having been involved in some of the industry's most iconic yachts and with multiple World Superyacht Awards, and World Yacht awards for builds from 50ft to 48M, let Optimus guide you on your journey to owning your own piece of the ocean.  Whether you are customising your first 50ft boat or comissioning a custom built super/megayacht from one of the iconic builders in the world, trust in having the team from Optimus by your side on that journey.  The Optimus team know yachts, more importantly they know full cycle yacht manufacturing.  Let our experience from that manufacturing environment be taken to your advantage as a buyer.  Talking a manufacturing language to your chosen build yard is 90% of the way to them understanding what you want from the build.  Knowing the information they need to successfully execute your build is key to getting the reality of your dream, on time and to budget.

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